Khandallah & Mitchell Park

1. Enrolment
Bookings are accepted on a first in first served basis. Players involved in the previous term will have the first option to continue. It is important to confirm your place for the upcoming term as soon as possible.

2. Payment
Please make payment in full upon receipt of invoice. A penalty of 10% per month may be charged on outstanding balances. Unpaid accounts will incur collection costs.

3. Credit notes
Credit notes will be issued at the end of each term only in the following situations:

3.1. In the circumstances of your Coach being unavailable, a substitute coach will be provided. If no substitute is available for the allocated time, your lesson will be rescheduled or a credit note will be given.
3.2.By booking a term timeslot, you are agreeing to attend/pay for a full term (usually 10 weeks) of coaching. If you are away or intend being away you will not receive a credit note, however you can arrange for another player to take your place.
3.3 If a player is sick or injured and 24 hours notice is provided, a credit note will be issued.
3.4 If a lesson is cancelled due to wet weather as per 4.2 below.
3.3. Credit notes are non-refundable and expire after one year.
3.4. Credit notes are transferrable to other family members.

4. Wet Weather
We run an indoor programme for junior lessons at Khandallah and Mitchell Park. Coaching at other venues will be cancelled and credit notes will be issued.
4.1. All junior group lessons at Khandallah and Mitchell Park will train indoors on wet/rainy days and partake in a mix of the following activities: game understanding, goal setting, ball/racquet skills, squash, table tennis, footwork, coin tennis and fitness.
4.2. Private lessons and interclub teams will have their first 2 wet days indoors. All additional wet days will be postponed or cancelled. For wet weather cancellations please
– visit our website
– or follow us on Twitter @evolvecancel or
– call (04) 479 1386 on which a cancellation message will be recorded.
4.3. Adult group lessons will be rescheduled in wet weather conditions to a time and day which suits the majority of the group.

5. Video analysis
To ensure that our player’s technical skills are correct we will video their strokes from time to time and analyze them using a specialized tennis software application.

5. Modification
We may modify any of the Terms & Conditions contained in this Agreement, at any time and at our sole discretion. Evolve tennis coaching will give notification of any such changes. If any modification is unacceptable you are welcome to withdraw from future coaching programmes.

6. Agreement
By enrolling as a client of evolve tennis coaching you will be agreeing to the terms & conditions stated in this document.